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Blacklight Stage @ Gillman Barracks

Blacklight Stage @ Gillman Barracks

Simple music stage transformed with high-power UV lighting

UV lighting for Full Moon party at Zouk Singapore

UV lighting for Full Moon party at Zouk Singapore

Custom UV dancefloor install at Hazel's Guestlist event

UV lighting for award winning LumiArt Project by People's Association

UV lighting for award winning LumiArt Project by People's Association

High-power UV lighting effect @ Takishimaya Square on Orchard Road

UV lighting and Custom Signage

UV lighting and Custom Signage

Hand made UV signage along with UV and ambient lighting for dance music event

UV Lighting


We offer the brightest, most powerful, and highest quality fluorescent UV lighting available in Singapore.

Our lights emit true UV light at precisely the 365nm wavelength meaning that they create the brightest possible glow effect and work with all kinds of UV paints and inks (including all invisible variants of these).

All our fittings are indoor fittings that don't require a huge amount of power and can safely and easily be used with the standard Singapore 13a powerpoint. If your event is outdoor then we can also provide custom weather proofing solutions to allow the lights to be used outdoor with no issue.


We custom tailor every lighting package we provide in order to best suit the individual client needs and budget and provide UV lighting solutions to events of all types and sizes, from private house parties to conferences, art installations and music festivals.

All of our packages come complete with all necessary cables, accessories, transport and manpower for setup & take-down.

As well as UV lighting, we can also provide party and ambient lighting, as well as sound equipment if required to help keep things simple.

For a custom quotation for your event, please get in touch.

Things to remember

  • A common alternative to using real UV lights in Singapore is working with UV LED. UV LED does not emit real UV light but rather a visible purple light. While suitable for some applications it will not produce the true blacklight effect that you get from high-power fluorescent fittings and will not work with any packaging or printing designed for true UV light.

  • UV light cannot travel far, despite having the most powerful lights on the market we still recommend having objects no further that 8-10m away for best effect.

  • The darker a space the more things will glow and the better the blacklight effect will be.

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